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Testimonial from Gary regarding Shoulder Replacement

Before surgery I had severe arthritis in my shoulder which resulted in a significant reduction in range of motion, muscular weakness and chronic pain. I had difficulty performing any task that required my arms to go above 90 degrees.

I have been a patient at Hinsdale Orthopaedics for many years with different Doctors (for different issues) and have always enjoyed the experience. The steps leading up to the appointment were always smooth. It was easy to make an appointment and I was ALWAYS taken back into the office right on my scheduled time. That rarely happens at other medical appointment I’ve had.

Dr. Durkin and his staff explained the procedure well, answered all my questions and ensured my health insurance covered it. The surgery itself went smoothly and I saw Dr. Durkin right after the surgery and was given a debriefing of what took place.

At this point, the surgery was three months ago and my range of motion is almost equal to my other shoulder. The pain is gone and I’m able to do most tasks. Given that it’s been only 3 months, I still have to work on rebuilding the strength in the shoulder but I’m very pleased with the progress. I was pleasantly surprised that it has healed faster than I anticipated and that I’ll be able to enjoy golf this spring.

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