Patient Testimonials

Mary L’s Testimonial Regarding Total Knee Replacement

I had MAKO total knee replacement surgery 6 months ago. Prior to the surgery the pain was constant and walking after sitting was difficult. Dr. Durkin and his team were excellent! Appointments were always on time and everything was explained simply by Dr. Durkin and his staff. Very happy with the results!! One knee down, one to go!! Highly recommend!

James U’s Testimonial Regarding Dr. Durkin

I am very happy with the care I have received from Dr. Durkin and others at your Hinsdale office. Support staff are very helpful and competent.

Gerald M’s Testimonial Regarding Total Knee Replacement

Prior to surgery the doctor, Emily and the team tried all available options: shots, braces and some medications. Eventually it was time for the full replacement. Dr. Durkin, Emily and the rest of the team members are outstanding to guide me before, during and after the surgery. They responded to my calls for questions and for additional medications. The doctor and the staff have the patient in mind with follow up visits. Excellent patient care. Prior to surgery it was to the point I could barely walk 100 feet without dragging my leg. So what can I do now post surgery?? The answer is I CAN WALK pain free. If I would need the other knee done I would not hesitate to have Dr. Durkin do the procedure and have the team do my post- surgery care. As a side, while this is only me talking I can tell you I walked out of the hospital and went to dinner with my family the evening of surgery. I was driving in less than a week. The rehab is critical to a full recovery. I used a walker and In about 2 weeks I could see the progress and I was following the therapy treatments to the letter and it is a must for a full recovery. If you are thinking about this procedure let the doctor guide you with making a decision. You wont regret it but you must listen to Dr. Durkin and his team and get to and stay with therapy. Just an FYI I am 74 years old.

Thomas's Testimonial Regarding Dr. Durkin

Dr. Durkin and his staff were very courteous, helpful, and supportive of all my questions and needs during my office visit. I highly recommend Dr. Durkin and Hinsdale Orthopedics to everyone!

Joanne L’s Testimonial Regarding Dr. Durkin

This was my first time here and was an absolute joy as much as a doctors visit can be. The whole staff was wonderful to work with.

Marie G’s Testimonial Regarding Bilateral Knee Replacements

Prior to surgery I had knee pain daily. Walking up a flight of stairs at times was overwhelming. I enjoyed taking the dogs for walks and prior to the surgery I would stress over how far I would be able to walk and how I would feel afterwards. I was embarking on starting an exercise program and knew something had to be done if I was going to succeed in my weight loss goals. I was familiar with Dr. Durkin and his staff. He had done my husband’s hip replacement years earlier. From day one I was at ease and confident having known Dr. Durkin previously, I was familiar with him, his expertise, knowledge and kindness. Since surgery, I exercise daily whether it is on my stationary bike or a walk with the dogs. I enjoy shoveling the snow (I love snow!). I tackle daily household chores without feelings of dread. After my first knee replacement I embarked on a weight loss journey and never looked back. Having my knees replaced was the best decision I made, and I am happy to share the I have lost 90 pounds over the last few years. I am not sure the would have been possible if I had my knees replaced which allowed me to add exercise into my daily routine.

Joe’s Testimonial Regarding Bilateral Hip Replacements

I was in pain on a daily basis prior to surgery. In addition, I experienced stiffness and had trouble with basic day to day tasks which included putting socks and shoes on. I had limited mobility which stopped me from doing a lot of the activities I enjoyed. The knowledge and expertise he and his team project had me at ease from the moment I met him. He was always happy to answer any questions or concerns I had prior to the surgery. I had both my hips replaced 10 years ago and over those 10 years he has become a “part of the family”. I now have no limitations and no issues with my hips. I can go for a walk with the dogs and shovel snow. I was also able to put in a vegetable and flower garden which prior to the surgery would not have been possible. I enjoy an active lifestyle with my wife, our 11 year old and 10 month old Labradors! I had my surgery on a Monday and was able to attend my wife’s co-workers wedding on Saturday. Every one of her co workers at the wedding were amazed and impressed at how good I was moving and how great I looked!

Cynthia’s Testimonial regarding Dr. Durkin

Dr. Durkin was amazing. He was referred to me by my primary physician. He was pleasant, respectful, very knowledgeable, listened well to my concerns and set my mind at ease.

Christine’s Testimonial regarding Dr. Durkin

Dr. Durkin was very clear about my situation and xray results. He suggested ways to help with my pain until we can do surgery.

Stephen’s Testimonial regarding Dr. Durkin

Both the doctor and the Medical Assistant, Rachel, were professional, friendly, listened to me, and explained things well. Thank you.

Rhonda’s Testimonial regarding Dr. Durkin

I love Dr. Durkin’s bedside manner. He is a wonderful doctor that knows how to treat his patients well being.

Peter’s Testimonial regarding Dr. Durkin

Dr. Durkin and his staff are very friendly and helpful. Very happy to be under their care.

Joanne’s Testimonial regarding Mako Total Knee Replacement

I had pain in my left knee and finally decided to make an appointment with Dr. Durkin. I can’t say enough about the care I received from Dr. Durkin and his Team. It was wonderful. I have complete mobility in my knee. Between the robotic surgery and rehab, I can not tell I had a replacement. I am thoroughly impressed with all that I experienced pre-surgery and post-surgery. I will most certainly need my right knee attended to in the near future. I will, without reservation, be returning.

Marilyn’s Testimonial regarding Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

Dr. Durkin did a reverse shoulder replacement surgery on October 28th, 2020. I am very pleased with the results. Before my surgery I was pretty much having constant discomfort. My mobility was becoming less and less. I was concerned about having such a major surgery. Dr. Durkin was very reassuring and so was his staff. My pain now is almost gone and my mobility is improving all of the time. I continue to go to physical therapy and am seeing continued improvement. I am sleeping much better and at times I almost forget that I had the surgery. I would definitely recommend Dr. Durkin and his team to do this procedure.

Bernadette’s Testimonial regarding Dr. Durkin

I was very appreciative of the quality of care and level of concern by both Dr. Durkin, his staff and the receptionist at check-in and check-out.

Gary’s Testimonial regarding Dr. Durkin

Dr. Durkin did a very good job of repairing my left knee almost 2 years ago (February 2019). I am having some issues now with my right knee. I didn’t think of reaching out to any provider other than Dr. Durkin. Very professional with a pleasant demeanor.

Donna’s Testimonial regarding Dr. Durkin

Dr. Durkin was very thorough, caring and answered all my questions. The X-ray staff did a great job, and all staff made my visit go very well. Thank you all.

Martha’s Testimonial regarding Dr. Durkin

The wait time was very short and I did not have to wait to see the doctor long either. I liked him, he looks you in the eye when he speaks to you. Looking someone in the eyes when they speak to you, gives the impression that you can trust them. His eye contact left me feeling confident that he was a good doctor that I can trust.

John’s Testimonial regarding Dr. Durkin

I was very pleased with my appointment with Dr. Durkin. He explained the results from xrays taken in a clear and understandable manner and administered a cortisone shot to relieve the pain I was currently experiencing. I will be returning in 6 weeks for a follow up appointment.

Roberta’s Testimonial regarding Bilateral Total Knees and Conservative treatment for shoulder

I am very pleased with Dr. Durkin. He is an excellent surgeon, who recently replaced both my knees, which are healing nicely. He has fixed my shoulder issues and kept me from having rotator cuff surgery, resolved the problem with excellent physical therapy. I look forward to being able to walk without pain, something that I haven’t been able to do for 7 years. He is keeping me able to work by fixing my shoulder issues and keeping me able to do things without injuring myself by strengthening my muscles.

Carolyn’s testimonial regarding Dr. Durkin and Emily.

Dr. Durkin took time explaining my exam and treatment plan. The PA, Emily, did a great job doing my injection and explaining everything.

Susan’s Testimonial regarding Dr. Durkin.

I was very pleased with the efficiency of the office. I found Dr. Durkin very professional and personable. I am pleased with the action plan which he prescribed for me and plan on continuing on with him.

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Dee Ann’s Testimonial Regarding Dr. Durkin.

Excellent customer service. Everyone I encountered was very respectful and professional. Dr. Durkin is awesome as well as the staff. The Facility is very clean and comfortable. I love the fish tank.

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Jill's Testimonial Regarding Dr. Durkin.

Dr. Durkin was extremely helpful and thorough. He answered all of my questions and gave me great advice and solutions for healing. He is a consummate professional who provides orthopedic expertise with compassion for the patient. He has my wholehearted recommendation.

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Mary's Testimonial regarding Dr. Durkin.

Dr. Michael Durkin is a kind person who is patient and takes a genuine interest in you and gives you his time and attention and I feel that he is the right doctor for me.

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William's Testimonial regarding Dr. Durkin.

My experience at Hinsdale orthopedics was excellent. Dr. Durkin explained everything in detail. I was very pleased with the service I received and would definitely recommend him to others.

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Mary’s Testimonial regarding Total Knee Replacement.

I had a right knee replacement in May 2019. I was experiencing a great deal of pain. I already had cortisone injections and gel injections in my knee for 3 years.

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Richard’s testimonial regarding bilateral partial knee replacements.

Prior to surgery my knees were always sore. I can now stand, walk and climb ladders. Dr. Durkin and his team are very personable and professional.

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Diane’s testimonial regarding total knee replacment.

Dr. Durkin replaced my left knee and the result was outstanding. I have complete confidence in him to do the same for my right knee so I can get back to normal and have no pain.

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George’s Testimonial

Dr. Durkin has been my doctor for my previous surgeries. I would trust no one else. I have had complete success with my replacement joints and now look forward to my new knee.

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Marie’s Testimonial regarding Non-Surgical Treatments

I just wanted to say Thank You for assisting me to get into a pain free status with my shoulder. I appreciate the fact that alternate treatment is consider rather than jumping into surgery.

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Kathy's testimonial for Total Hip Replacement and Rotator Cuff Repair

I was having pain in my right knee and hip, as time went on, it was getting worse. I woke up one day and could barely walk. I was misinformed by another doctor about what was wrong with me.

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Judi's Story

My experience with Team Durkin was efficient and effective. I was in tremendous pain and limped into Dr. Durkin's office and, I was unable to participate in my every day activities. Toni, the nurse, was amazing.

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Donald's Story

Before the surgery, I was unable to walk even a short distance or stand for a few minutes without being in pain.

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Testimonial from Bruce regarding Bilateral Makoplasty Partial Knee Replacements

My knees began to cause me worsening pain when I was in my mid-thirties. By my early fifties my knees caused me consistent and significant pain sufficient to preclude my active lifestyle.

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Testimonial from Gary regarding Shoulder Replacement

Before surgery I had severe arthritis in my shoulder which resulted in a significant reduction in range of motion, muscular weakness and chronic pain. I had difficulty performing any task that required my arms to go above 90 degrees.

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Testimonial regarding Mako Partial Knee Replacement
Dear Team Durkin,

I cannot thank you enough for all you did for me. It has been at least 12 years since I had pain in my left knee. It was especially bad when I had to walk down stairs and on hills. Skiing, hiking and doing exercise was no fun at all.

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Testimonial from John regarding Knee Scope
Dearest Dr. Durkin,

Thank you very much for your time, patience, kindness and professionalism. Above all, thank you for helping me walk pain free which stopped my dependency on pain killer medications. My job requires me to walk around to check on staff and equipment. I used to limp and sometimes fall while walking at home or at work.

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Testimonial from Peter regarding bilateral mako partial knee replacements

I found Dr. Durkin because a friend of mine told me about the Mako robot/computer assisted surgery. I was very guarded but he proved an excellent doctor!! His bedside manners were exceptional.

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Testimonial from Renate regarding Mako Total Hip Replacement

I am emailing your office to let anyone needing the finest Ortho Doc know about you and your office. After my first appointment I had for the arthritis in my knee I knew you understood I wanted to do more than tie my shoelaces as I aged.

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Testimonial from Sandy regarding Mako Partial Knee Replacement
Dr Durkin,

I want to thank you for the great job you did on my knee. It has been 18 months since my makoplasty knee. I am 64 years old and got to ski once again at Breckenridge 2 weeks ago.

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