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Testimonial regarding Mako Partial Knee Replacement By Ilse Sibylle

Dear Team Durkin,

I cannot thank you enough for all you did for me. It has been at least 12 years since I had pain in my left knee. It was especially bad when I had to walk down stairs and on hills. Skiing, hiking and doing exercise was no fun at all. I saw at least 4 orthopaedic doctors during the past 10 years and was told again and again that I needed a partial knee replacement. Before surgery walking, hiking, going up and down stairs was extremely painful. I am overweight and could hardly do my exercises on the treadmill or elliptical. I was sad and miserable. The quality of my life was mediocre. The only pain free exercise was in the water, swimming and water aerobics.

Then by accident I got a flyer from the University of Chicago about MAKO. I saw on the internet that Dr. Durkin does the same procedure and that the robot assisted knee replacement has been performed at Hinsdale Hospital for many more years than at Univeristy of Chicago. I finally decided that I would meet Dr. Durkin and it was the best experience that one could ever have! It is hard to explain but I liked Dr. Durkin and everybody in his team. I felt safe.

Pam Falotico (from Hinsdale Hospital) invited me to a “free joint success class” where I learned what exactly would happen. She also gave me an information booklet which was most helpful! She urged all of us to begin with the exercises before surgery. I practiced for 2 hours a day and read every single word in the booklet.

I had my partial knee replacement (MAKO) done October 28th, 2015. I spent one day in the hospital and was pampered and cared for in the kindest and most professional way. We even joked that I could already walk circles in my room with the therapist. I went home with the ice-machine, support stockings and the works. I wish I could remember all the nurses, support staff and cleaning ladies who helped in every way to make me healthy and well; physically and emotionally.

Now I can walk without pain. I can walk like a normal person. I have more fun in my water aerobic classes and I feel so much more happy. The quality of my life as a 72 year old woman is good. My husband and I are doing voluntary work and ushering a COD. I was ushering 10 days after my surgery. My mission today is that I tell others how good this was for me. I told my friend and she went to Dr. Durkin as well a few weeks ago. She agrees with me in every way, she is glad that she had her partial knee replacement done.

I could ramble on and on… The bottom line is that I know that Dr. Durkin and his team are the best and most successful and kind professionals in my world.

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