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Testimonial from John regarding Knee Scope
Dearest Dr. Durkin,

Thank you very much for your time, patience, kindness and professionalism. Above all, thank you for helping me walk pain free which stopped my dependency on pain killer medications. My job requires me to walk around to check on staff and equipment. I used to limp and sometimes fall while walking at home or at work.

Your team helped me with registration and all the documentations and made every visit to see you very easy. When I needed an answer or a refill for my medication while I was waiting for the operation, they resolved all answers and requests promptly. I wish your team worked with me because we always have room for hard workers and team players.

Now, I walk at work freely and at times I hear employees and colleagues say “Take it easy John, you do not want to hurt yourself again.” I am now very happy because I do not need help from medication or others.

Dr. Durkin thank you also for solving other health problems that I had without my knowledge. You requested other specialists to help me solve specific health issues before the knee surgery because it was very necessary. Now my overall health is back on track because of your guidance and deep knowledge.

I do not think the words thank you will be sufficient for all the things you have done for me and for my family. I believe only the Lord knows how much we wish the best for you, your family and staff.

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