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Testimonial from Renate regarding Mako Total Hip Replacement

I am emailing your office to let anyone needing the finest Ortho Doc know about you and your office. After my first appointment I had for the arthritis in my knee I knew you understood I wanted to do more than tie my shoelaces as I aged. The arthritis in my knee was partially caused after I tore my ACL skiing black moguls in slushy snow and playing competitive singles tennis earlier in my life. I didn’t want to stop having fun at just 70 years old! Dr. Durkin suggested hyaluronic acid injections and I had Joyce inject my left knee the following week. It worked and Joyce is very precise and gentle, never hurt a bit. So when it was determined that my right hip was bone on bone I did not hesitate one moment to have it replaced on November 5. By January the following year, less than 2 months later, I worked my first trip to Munich (I am an international flight attendant) not experiencing much discomfort at all. Through each step of the way, from the injections to the hip replacement, I was kept informed and questions were encouraged. I was well cared for before and after the surgery by Dr. Durkin and his well trained staff. Excellent job and finest bedside manners, Dr. Durkin.

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